Earn While Shopping: Make Money With PatPat

December 29, 2023

PatPat is more than just an online store for kid's clothing. It is a platform for those who want to earn money while shopping. Yeah! You can also make it with PatPat. For this, you need to be aware of the methods and techniques. 

Well, for this awareness you don't need to go anywhere, this article is enough for all your questions such as:- 

1.  How can I earn with PatPat?

2.  As an influencer, why should I promote PatPat?

3.  Can I get PatPat products in bulk? Is it a wholesale platform?

So, Here are all the answers you are looking for. PatPat offers you the chance to earn with its products; it has three different programs with different policies and conditions. Once you fulfill all those, you can achieve your dream of making at home without needing to go anywhere and with flexible working hours. 

Following are the three programs that allow for earning with PatPat: -

1.  Affiliation Programme

2.  Influencer Programme

3.  Wholesale Programme

Let's start with Affiliation first, as this program is for mommies and could also be for students. So, it is the most relevant for every section of the community. 

Affiliate Programme.

With PatPat's affiliate program, an individual or a business entity, such as another website, social media page, or anything else, can earn a commission by promoting PatPat on their social media or website page. 

You can get commission and earn well by referring to Patpat's kid's clothes, toddlers' clothes, and many more on your website. 

Let's dig deep into how you can earn with PatPat's affiliate program.

No Need to Buy Product

That is different if you think you will work as a product tester. You don't need to test or buy the product from the website. You need to post special links on your website or social media page so that people will visit those links and posts and then buy products from those referral links. 

So, PatPat allows you to earn without investing anything. You need to 


No Website Necessary

There must be another doubt in your mind that for posting those reference links, you must have a specific website or hold a space in the E-commerce world; then clear this mist of doubt because you don't need to do all these things, and neither do you have a website. You can post reference links on your social media pages. 

Promote and Earn

By promoting PatPat's accessories, newborn baby clothes, kids' fashion, and toddler online store stuff, you can earn commission by posting referral links and posting on your website, blog, social media, or any online accounts. You can earn up to 12 Percent commission through this affiliate program.

How it works?

PatPat will track your referral links and keep an account of purchases from your website. The more people purchase from your referral link, the more incentives you will get. 

It all depends on how many clicks are recorded in terms of purchase through your reference link. 

The Incentive is calculated as a percentage of the total successful order value placed by the customers you referred. The rate is based on your Customer Type and channel Type. You can find all the details from the affiliate platform you used. 




Affiliates receive their commission payouts based on the program's payment schedule. Payment methods and thresholds may vary, and payments are typically made through electronic methods like PayPal or bank transfers. Also, you can get voucher codes, referral codes, discount coupons, and cashback coupons.

How to Join? 

To join PatPat's Affiliate Program, you can typically follow these steps:

Visit the PatPat Website

Firstly, you need to Go to the official PatPat website. Here, you will need to scroll down till the end of the website. You will find a section in the left-hand corner named 'About us.' In its sub-section, you will see the 'PatPat Affiliate Programme.' Click on the button.

Apply to Become an Affiliate

Once you find the affiliate program section, there will likely be an option to sign up or apply. Click on the link or button to initiate the application process.

Complete the Application Form

Fill out the required information in the application form. This might include details about your website, social media channels, promotional methods, audience demographics, and other relevant information. Provide accurate and comprehensive details to increase your chances of approval.

Wait for Approval

After submitting your application, the PatPat affiliate team will review it. If your application is approved, you'll receive confirmation and access to your unique affiliate links or codes.

Start Promoting PatPat

Once you receive approval and your affiliate links or codes, you can start promoting PatPat's products using those provided resources. Share them on your website, blog, social media platforms, or other marketing channels to drive traffic and sales.

Now the time for the second way of earning means it's time to introduce the 'PatPat Influencer Programme.'

Influencer Programme

The PatPat influencer program typically involves influencers partnering with the brand to create content, promote PatPat's products on their social media channels, and drive traffic and sales to the PatPat website. Influencers might receive free products, commission on sales generated through their unique affiliate links, or monetary compensation in exchange for their promotion and marketing efforts.

The specifics of the PatPat influencer program, including eligibility criteria, compensation details, and how influencers can apply or participate, may vary and are subject to change over time. If you want to become an influencer for PatPat or learn more about their influencer program, stick to this article to know the whole process. 

Influencer Requirements

To work for the PatPat as an influencer, you should have a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or blog. 


Average Views- 3000+

Moderate Comments- >=15


Average Likes- 1000+

Moderate Comments- >=15


Moderate Comments- >10

Affiliate Marketing

Influencers often receive a unique affiliate link or promo code to share with their followers. The influencer earns a commission on the sales generated when their audience purchases using this link or code. The commission rate can vary based on the agreement between PatPat and the influencer.

Sponsored Content

PatPat might collaborate with influencers for sponsored posts or campaigns. In this scenario, influencers create content (such as posts, videos, or stories) featuring PatPat's products and promote them to their audience. The influencer receives payment for creating and sharing this sponsored content. You must post the videos/photos of you sporting PatPat's kid's clothes within 7-15 days of receiving the items.

Free Products or Discounts

Influencers might receive free products from PatPat to review or showcase in their content. They might also get exclusive discounts or early access to new products, which they can feature in their posts.



How Can You Start With PatPat?

Here's a general guide on how you might enroll in PatPat's influencer program:

Research and Understand Requirements

Start by visiting PatPat's official website and navigate to their 'Influencer Program' or 'Affiliate Program' section. Read through their guidelines, terms, and conditions to understand the requirements for influencers.

Create Quality Content

Build a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or blogs by consistently creating high-quality content that aligns with PatPat's target audience. Focus on engaging your followers and showcasing your niche or expertise.

Contact PatPat Directly

Contact PatPat's influencer marketing team through their website or the contact information provided. Some platforms have a dedicated application process, while others require you to email or fill out a form expressing your interest in collaboration.

Highlight Your Reach and Engagement

When contacting PatPat, emphasize your audience demographics, engagement rates, follower count, and relevant metrics showcasing your influence. Highlight why you believe a partnership with PatPat would benefit both parties.

Provide Examples of Your Work

Share links or examples of your previous collaborations, content, or campaigns you've done for other brands. This demonstrates your ability to create compelling content and effectively promote products.

Follow Up

If you are still awaiting an immediate response, consider following up after a reasonable period. Sometimes, companies receive numerous inquiries, so a polite follow-up can reinforce your interest and commitment.

So, here is the last but not the least, 'PatPat Wholesale Programme.'

Wholesale Programme

You can buy PatPat products in bulk and resell them in your store. 

Minimum order value (MOV)

To be part of the Wholesale program, you must place a minimum order value of US$250.


In wholesale programs, you will not get voucher codes, referral codes, coupons, discount coupons, or cashback coupons, but you will get 5%-15% discounts on the subtotal of your order. 


Both Standard and Express shipping are available for Europe and North America. While in standard shipping will take 7-14 business days; for Express, it takes 5-7 business days. However, they take some time to process your shipment. 


It usually takes 1-5 business days to process the order. It is expected to be longer if your order is significant.


Some duties and taxes could apply to Standard shipping to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other EU countries. 


Easy to obtain. Wholesalers who have made three successful purchases on the site will get a higher discount at each order level.

Don’t Hold Your Horses

What are you waiting for? Go and make money with PatPat today without wasting more time. Next time you are scrolling PatPat for your baby, remember you will also earn by promoting it. 

You have an Affiliate program for individuals, an influencer program for social media personalities, and a wholesale program to start your retail shop in your area.  This is the time not to hold your horses. Let them run at their full speed.


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